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Self Employed Services

If it's just you on your own you probably don't need the level of support offered on our Services page. The following packages are suitable for any sole trader with relatively simple bookkeeping needs (so no employees or VAT returns). The packages are designed with you in mind, they are low cost and with the ability to easily move from one package to another as your needs change.

As with all our packages, we understand that everyone is different and we're more than happy to customise these packages to suit your individual needs.

DIY - £10 per month

This is exactly what it sounds like - we simply provide you with a QuickBooks Self Employed subscription for you to use to process all your own work and submit your own tax return.

You get e-mail support with using QuickBooks from us, we’ll even do the inital setup for you.

Support – £15 per month

You’ll process daily income and expenses, manage your mileage, etc, then we’ll check your work. We’ll also suggest any alterations or amendments to reduce your tax liability, ready for you to submit your tax return.

Includes e-mail and phone support along with the initial setup of QuickBooks.

Pass It On - £25 per month

You can regularly handover all your income, expenses and receipts and we’ll process them for you. We’ll also act as your agent with HMRC so we can deal with them on your behalf, including submitting your annual self assessment.

DIY Support Pass It On
Cost per month £10 £15 £25
Quickbooks Self Employed Subscription
Email Support
Phone Support
Annual Error Check
Suggestions to lower tax liability
Process income & expenses
Act as HMRC Agent
Submit annual Self Assessment